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Wall Painting - titled Panem, Acrylic and Chalkboard paint on wall

Installed in summer group show: X, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Mixed Greens, New York, USA , 2009

This wall painting is the artistís first, and is a companion to his recent video installation Circvlvs. This video is made up of several thousand images that the artist photographed at the Lowes Motor Speedway, in Concord North Carolina. They document the 2007 Bank of America 500 NASCAR race, and the soundtrack to the video is appropriated from the chariot race in the 1959 epic movie Ben-Hur. The video forms an ironic dialogue between a modern day social and sporting gathering, the Roman version of 2000 years before us at the Circus Maximus, and the grand illusions and dissimulation of the Hollywood epic.

The Latin words PANEM ET CIRCENCES, literally means ëbread and gamesí, but it is an ancient metaphor for the way politicians manipulate the populace by keeping them happy with food and entertainment. The wall painting updates this phrase using the recognizable graphic text of NASCAR, and represents the power of branding, and the ability of the corporate sports franchise to tap into the hearts and minds of a community.
NASCAR has been the most well attended sport in America in recent years, but it is also one of the most politically, environmentally and socially divisive in terms of its audience. Right now it is suffering along with US car companies fighting for survival ñ looking at the sport today, the NASCAR brand might also become a thing of the past.