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Postcard Project (2006)

This series of images is designed to physically exist only as postcards, as souvenirs of the cities, their cathedral and football (soccer) team. Each cathedral shares its name with its local football club, and its architecture has been re-emphasized and isolated with the use of the local club (or clubs’) colors. The idea is to compare the societal place of the church with the impact of football clubs over the last 100 years or so. The obvious connection is the idea of sport as religion, but these images also conflate the idea of what the iconic structure of a city now is, and how money and class play into that local society.

It is interesting that the cathedrals do not always match the stature of their club, so a masterpiece of Norman or Gothic architecture may take on the symbolic colors of a club that struggles to maintain league status. However, the vibrant coloring of the structures serve as a reminder that some of these great buildings were not always so grey, but were also adorned by colorfully painted statues and ornamentation. These postcards will therefore act a souvenir of a place both past and present, and symbolize its evolving cultural significance; something that a tourist postcard rarely does.

These images are designed as if they were locally bought postcards. Therefore they are designed to be printed as postcards with the reverse side detailing the football club rather than the cathedral. As part of an installation, they would be available for the gallery visitor to walk away with and distribute. Installed alongside the postcards would be a wooden church collection box: the visitor would be asked to place a small denomination coin in the box for each postcard taken.